About the Playing Field

Our well-maintained playing field is situated adjacent to the village hall just off the High Street along the A3098 at the west end of the village close to the Somerset border. It is accessed via a short private road signposted to the Village Hall.

A gated and fenced children’s play area is located on the playing field together with a full-sized football pitch.

Use postcode BA13 4AP to locate the playing field.

The playing field is used together with the village hall for most community events, including the Village Barbecue, Pimm’s & Cream Teas, and other community days. Local football teams hire the football pitch on a regular basis.

The running of the Playing Field is overseen by the Village Hall Committee which continually maintains the area and looks for ways to improve the facility.

A Google Map has been embedded on this page and is a 3rd party provided service and may not be fully accessible. If you require further help with getting location information please contact us.

Booking the Playing Field

The playing field and netted goalposts are free to use by Chapmanslade residents for “kick-a-bouts” and general use unless otherwise being used.
To make a formal booking for an organised team game, please contact our booking officer Ken Davies on

Tel: 01373 832034
Mob: 07905769898
Email Kennethdavies1949@gmail.com

Playing Field Improvements

A ‘Playing Field Action Group’ is looking at implementing many of the improvements that the community said they would like to see on the playing field. See the following reports:

A comprehensive Voice of the Village survey in 2018 sponsored by the Parish Council showed the local community placed particular emphasis upon improving the facilities at the playing field. The key to this was to broaden the appeal through all age demographics whilst positively encouraging health and wellbeing for all.

An initial phase of improvements involves updating the existing playground, and it’s equipment in particular, which is now nearly 15 years old. A recent annual safety inspection revealed deterioration of the mainly wooden structures due to age and use.

During this phase, an initial grant has been obtained from the Wiltshire Council Area Board, covering the cost of new swings and 3 items of external fitness equipment. Further improvements will be scoped out in greater detail.