Chapmanslade History Group

To contact the History Group email Terry Rose terencerose@btinternet.com

History Group Feb 2019

About the History Group

The village History Group is an informal collaboration of folks who have an interest in finding out what went on in and around the village in days gone by.

The group doesn’t have a formal membership or require subscriptions. Prior to COVID-19 restrictions we met on a regular basis using the Three Horseshoes pub as a base – thanks to Ben, the General Manager. Meeting in a social setting is very much what the group enjoy with ‘members’ getting involved as and when they wish. Until further notice we keep in touch using email plus other electronic means.

This ‘informality’ does not mean that we are not seriously interested in finding out and researching the history of Chapmanslade – for it turns out that Chapmanslade has a varied and interesting past.

The group began with eight regular members in April 2013, inspired by Sue Waterman, under the guidance of Joyce Jefferson. Sue had been interested in village history for several years and had done some research of her own. Joyce on the other hand, had obtained an MA in Local History from Bristol University following her retirement as a teacher, and was an experienced local historian having led an East Mendips group which produced several books about villages around the Frome area, just over the county border in Somerset.

Over the years the size of the Chapmanslade History Group has varied, being over forty at it’s height, all local people with varied skills, interests and knowledge – plus of course members dogs.

The original aim of the group was to produce a book telling the history of the parish from prehistoric times to the present day. Chapmanslade turned out to be a complicated parish to research, as it only became a parish in its own right in 1934. This new parish was created from Parts of Dilton Marsh, Corsley and Upton Scudamore, so the group needed to look at the history of all three parishes before the history of Chapmanslade could be understood. After much work, research, study and fun, the group’s book, A History of Chapmanslade was published in October 2019. Over 200 copies were sold in the first month with all profits going to village funds. It is with great sadness that Sue Waterman did not live to see the completion of the book, which is dedicated to her memory.

In early 2020, group leader, Joyce Jefferson moved from the village to live nearer to her family but remains in contact. The group continues unabated with several projects on the go.

Joyces Gavel

The History of Chapmanslade

Chapmanslade’s history is well documented in the following publications:

A History of Chapmanslade by Chapmanslade History Group, published in Oct 2019. About the book launch. Contact Terry Rose at terencerose@btinternet.com for book purchases. Also see note below.

Lest We Forget, A story of Corsley and Chapmanslade in World War 1, 1914-1918 by Phil Jefferson and Fiona Carruthers, published in Nov 2018. Contact Terry Rose for book purchases. Also see note below.

NOTE: A History of Chapmanslade and Lest We Forget can now be purchased through independent online booksellers Di and Saul Books

Crocodiles and Chicken Chasers, The Villages of Corsley and Chapmanslade, published in Nov 2000. The Chapmanslade Memories section written by Dennis Barnard. This book is no longer in print. Copies are sometimes sold on eBay.

Additional History Group materials (more will be added as and when available):